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200L Automatic Liquid Packaging line

It is composed of above empty barrel assisting small slope , above empty barrel power small slope, belt conveyor, empty barrels unpowered temporary storing slope roller,  double head filling host, heavy barrel power with manual sending cap conveys to roller, testing scale online , pneumatic screw cap tool and clamp device, laser printing machine, top of the labeling machine, scanning and uploading device, roller conveyor, pallets warehouse, stacker crane, operating platform and automatic control system, etc.


Filling Medium:Liquid Products


Filling Accuracy:±20g

Power Supply:380V/50HZ  Three Phase Five Wire

Air Pressure:0.6MPa

Gas Consumption:About 10L/Min

Power:About 20KW


Suitable Bottle:200L Round Bucket 

Production Speed:50-100Buckets/Hour